Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I dropped my camera a few days ago and the shutter has been a bit fickle. It works, but it takes coaxing and it certainly doesn't work with quite the ease and convenience that an SLR is supposed to offer. So, maybe I am not in the market for an e-book reader; maybe I am in the market for a new camera?

While digging through some of my archived photographs I came across this little guy:

This is a picture of James one year ago. There is not even a hint of what he looks like today, which, in my opinion, is very little like Christian and nothing like me. There are, perhaps, traces of his grandfathers, but I think that is only because of his size.

I am telling you, this life thing is racing by and it is breaking my heart into a million tiny pieces.


catherine said...

he looks like baby pics of granddad. sooo adorable. xoxo

lindavaicius said...

He is so cute julie! He looks just like your Dad and I think that is so awesome.