Tuesday, March 02, 2010


At the end of the month I am heading to Miami for a few days for work. Although I am totally stressing out about the logistics of leaving the kids and Christian behind for three days (particularly when there is a random holiday for Luz and not for Christian during that time period), but I am really looking forward to seeing a city that is totally new to me.

I am going to be very busy while I am there and will keep the trip as short as possible to avoid making things really tricky at home; however, I think I should make some time to squeeze in a little fun.

For a great overview of Miami in 72 hours or less, check out Jessie's recent posts on her blog, www.gimleteyed.blogspot.com.

If Jessie didn't cover something you feel is a "must see", let me know and I will add it to my growing list.


Stacey Roland said...

My boyfriend is from Ft. Lauderdale, about 20 minutes from Miami, and we were there in December. I LOVED IT!!! Go see Versace's house on South Beach...morbid yes, but for pop culture freaks like me, I thought it was pretty neat.

TOITA said...

Sawgrass Mills is a MUST for me, but since you are a "gringa" no need to,..but I agree that Ft Lauderdale is pretty awesome!! I stayed there last August and loved it too!!