Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miami Bound

Things have been a little hectic around here between Christian's trip to Nachitoches and my upcoming trip to Miami. I have been stressed out and totally preoccupied with work and the timing isn't great because there is plenty going on around here - but I suppose that is the way that life works. And I guess it isn't fair to say that it has been THAT busy because I did have time to see Wicked with mom on Thursday night - it was excellent and far exceeded my expectations - had dinner with Molly's friend, Jeremy, who is in town for the story corps project - check it out at, took James on his first streetcar ride (he was absolutely terrified at first - I guess Mr. Tough Stuff does have some fear), and spent hours outside enjoying some incredible weather.

Luz, with ballet hair courtesy of her babysitter, Lauren:

James, first streetcar ride. He eventually enjoyed it:

Luz, wearing my old heart pearl jewelry from 8th grade. She loves this necklace:

James, testing out his favorite new toy:

I am looking forward to seeing Miami. I have always wanted to check it out, but wish it could be under different circumstances. I would prefer to have Christian with me and to see it without the stress of work hanging over me. I also don't think I will have too much free time, but I am going to try to fit in a quick trip to South Beach.


Kitty Brown said...

Love the new pictures! Anyone working for Story Corps must have been good dinner company -- I tear up on cue at 7:45 every Friday morning.

Try to work some fun into the Miami trip. Will Smith just can't be wrong about the place. Not sure where you're staying, but the Mandarin Oriental is great (and where I spent my one and only 24-hour business trip to Miami!).

The Gimlet Eye said...

Have a blast! Me-ah-me really is awesome. I hope you can compartmentalize the 1442 stress so that you can enjoy some of what it has to offer.

Can't wait to hear about the Story Corps dinner!

Kelsea said...

Lucy and I need to match. I got the same Liberty of London print in a top!