Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Evening Races

After a picture-perfect weekend we spent the last few minutes of sunlight watching my Uncle Walker's horse, Cut West, race at the NOLA Fairgrounds. Luz and James love watching the races and do not care if their favorite horse comes in first, last or somewhere in between. I love that it is free (with the exception of a few bets that Christian makes each time) and that it is outside (if you want it to be) and that there is great people-watching.

We were there in time for sunset and there really isn't anything like enjoying 65 degree temps, looking out at the sky while the sun goes down, and watching a few horses tear around a track. The icing on the cake was dinner at Crescent City on the way home with the Joneses, Mom, Josh and Ashley. Luz and James took great naps today so I assumed dinner would be easy. Sometimes it works just fine, other times it is more challenging and there are no really great rules to guide you. I gather that it just has an awful lot to do with luck. Neither Luz nor James made it easy tonight; there were many laps around the restaurant, a few tantrums and a possible disturbance of neighboring diners. But still, with plenty of helping hands, we were able to enjoy a lovely dinner.

I am off to watch the Oscars so I will have to tell you later about the birth of my twin cousins (well, second or third cousins) late last week, my first experience in a packed bar surrounded by a bunch of Indigo Girls fans, a delicious dinner at a local restaurant I have been dying to try, and Luz's first road race. Until then...

Waiting for the race to start:

Pointing to Cut West:

There is no need to be on shoulders to see, but Christian's got a workout today:

Sunset, magic lighting, Luz and James playing sweetly:

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