Monday, March 01, 2010

Sailor Suit

I have been waiting for an opportunity to dress James up in the precious sailor suit that Aunt Margot and Uncle Walker gave him for his birthday, so I used dinner at GG's house for the perfect excuse.

I remember my brothers and all of my cousins wearing sailor suits when we were growing up and I have always thought they were adorable without being too 'fussy'. I am glad I got some pictures because at the rate that he is growing it might not fit him next time I try it on him. The daycare ladies informed us the other day that his nickname has been changed from Big Sexy to Big Hungry.

Here's Big Hungry, looking too cute

With Xian:

Charming Laura, Molly & Charlotte:

And with Mama:

Luz was all dressed up and looking cute too:


Beau said...
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Beau said...

Oh wowie. Having the strongest memory of my little brothers' getting dressed to board the USS Haynes.........usually Easter Sunday church services.