Monday, March 15, 2010

My Latest Crush

Have you seen this little guy:


Yes, I know, the look and feel and smell of new books (only new ones, most of you know how I loathe crusty, old books and only take hand-me-downs and loaners from fastidious family and friends), but e-book readers are the way of the future. We have to adapt and learn or else we become dinosaurs and can't function in the world. We will become like the people that still cash checks at Winn Dixie and shrug their shoulders at the mention of the internet as if to say "do you think little old me could ever navigate something as foreign as the world wide web?" C'mon, we all have to do it. We might as well do it in style.

I am seriously in the market for an e-book reader. At least I think I am. If any of you have done the research please fill me in on which one I should consider. I have a soft spot for anything that comes from camp Apple, but I will consider a Kindle or some other e-book reader simply because I hate the name that Apple selected, and because I have a feeling there is a huge disparity in price and/or function.

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