Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Weekend, 2010 - Part 1

I had plenty of opportunities over the past few days to snap some pictures of James and Luz. With my camera on the fritz and a squirmy 14 month old this task was absolutely impossible. It would stand to reason that after about 50 shots I could come up with at least one that worked. Instead, I got these:

Luz, c'mon, I am not taking you to prison...and where did James' eyes go:

Any chance you guys could stand together, just for a second:

Almost perfect:


James, 100 jellybeans later, and Christian's lower body, ugh:

We had an excellent three days of r and r in Thibodaux. I didn't get as much rest as I had planned but I managed to relax a little whenever I wasn't busy trying to stop James from doing tricks on his four-wheeler and emptying beer bottles.

Christian and I are both starting to be concerned that James is going to grow up to be the guy that smashes beer cans on his forehead at parties; you know the one, he always has a good time.

It was painful to pack up and head back to NOLA this evening and so hard to believe that the weekend is over already.

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TOITA said...

I loove the pics!! No idea which camera is better, bla are the expert on that field....I love to see Thib..I was remembering my easter break there when you an the Dude were still a no-kids couple! remember!!! so faar awayy! hahaha
Happy Easter!!