Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Portraits

I guess Luz was inspired by the beautiful weather and our peaceful, happy faces and decided to take some pictures with my camera. Her hands are so tiny and the camera is so big that it made for some interesting shots:

Then Christian took over:

And then I couldn't resist a few:

So, Treme anyone? Did you watch it, like it? I liked it, didn't LOVE it...but I will keep watching, if only just to see the picture of my friends Paola and Jose standing in their flood-soaked Lakeview home. It ran in the Times Picayune in the weeks immediately following Katrina and is one of the first frames in the intro to Treme (which, incidentally, I loved because the styling was very reminiscent of that awesome stop-action sort of feel that Alan Ball did for True Blood's intro). I don't have any emotion left when it comes to Katrina, thankfully, but that picture caught me off guard and for a split-second the heavy boots were back on again. Check it out; let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Luz she did an awesome job with her pictures. I see you watched your recording. I really enjoyed watching Treme. John Goodman plays his part really well. It will be interesting to see future shows. You know I really enjoyed the music. Thanks for sharing the pics. Love to you all! Nana