Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last week the most adorable store front ever opened on Magazine Street, adding some desperately needed zing to the strip mall that houses Chicos and was once home to a Subway. The perfectly complimentary pastel colors, tidy landscaping and clean, modern lines make this place a destination for sure. Did I mention how incredibly delicious the frozen yogurt is? Or that the toppings include all natural granola, dark chocolate, mochi balls, and season fruit, just to name a few?

I had heard of Pinkberry but never had the pleasure...until Sunday when I tasted my first bite and was hooked. Molls, mom and I stopped by tonight. The line was long, but not daunting and the servers were patient, friendly, and helpful. I opted for plain with blackberry and loved every bite. I cannot wait to go back. Oh yeah, James likes it too. Here he is polishing off my yogurt on Sunday:

If you click on the "Pinkberry" in the title the link will take you to Pinkberry's website where you can read all about it and learn about the surprising nutritional information.

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Kitty Brown said...

You liked it? Really? I'll have to give it another chance. I remember it tasting sort of like sour cream.