Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Weekend, 2010 - Part II

James was absolutely out of control this weekend. I am glad everyone got to see him in action because it was obvious to everyone that he is a total handful, a lovable, adorable handful. Luz has had to exercise an enormous amount of patience with him lately. I can tell that it is tough on her but it is also part of having a sibling and growing up, good life lessons.

Here are a few more photos from our weekend -

James, helping Uncle Richmond edit his dissertation:

Figuring out how to sneak in the gate and play with the horses:

Using the new corn hole set as his slide:

Discovering a tiny, yellow flower...he does have a sensitive side:

Wagon ride with his cousin Jack:


Luz, and her beautifully dyed eggs:

Easter morning:

Hunting for eggs:

The audience at the uneventful hunt (Molly, Laura, Casey, Luis). I predict Luz will get a run for her money next year and the audience will be more entertained:

On the hammock at the big house. Much like the streetcar, James was terrified of the hammock:


TOITA said...

Tell me I am not crazy and "Mom-Mom" is having an ABITA!?!?!?!!/ She is wiiilldd!! hahahahaha! GO Cathie!!
That crawfish looks awesome!!!! yaaamm!!!!!

Cathie said...

YEP! A strawberry Abita, ice-cold and awesome! Perfect combination with warm, very spicy crawfish!