Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hot, Sweaty Fun

Friday afternoon brought nasty thunderstorms and pitch black skies to kick off the 2010 Jazz Fest season. Later that night, Christian and I decided that attending the first weekend of Jazz Fest was out of the question. We figured that even absent rain storms, which were predicted through Saturday night, the place would be a mess and we'd be chasing James through knee-deep mud pits. BUT...we woke up this morning and the sun was shining and the humidity was low and we thought about the rain predicted for next weekend and the fact that Luz has never missed a Jazz Fest and about how much we know James would be the kid that gets it. It didn't take long to decide that we needed to do it and I am so glad we reached that decision. After $160, a minor medical emergency involving sunscreen, and a few meltdowns we enjoyed a few hours of sticky, sweaty, jumping, dancing, singing and pure bliss. There is nothing in the world that brings me joy like watching my kids recognize those familiar beats so unique to NOLA while balancing oversized cups of strawberry lemonade. I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

The battery died towards the end of the day (I am still using Christian's camera while I decided what to do about mine) so I can't post any pictures until tomorrow. Until then, I give you my latest home improvement project. While Molls was in town I put her mad crafting skills and fearlessness to work with some burlap and a staple gun. The result makes me smile:


Kitty Brown said...

Glad you guys had a fun weekend. The headboard looks great, good work!!

The Gimlet Eye said...

FABULOUS home improvement! You are really a creative home just don't give yourself enough credit. Glad y'all enjoyed the Fest. It was ridiculously beautiful!