Monday, May 31, 2010

ASH Graduation

I have seen enough to know that there isn't a more beautiful graduation than the one around the fountain at Sacred Heart. Granted, it makes me nostalgic to see it and I get sentimental when I think about Luz's graduation. All biases aside, however, it is something...and when the weather cooperates and the sun sets just right, I think it is perfect.

My cousin Molly graduated on Friday night, the last in our family until Luz. I knew the kids would not make it through the entire ceremony so we stopped by before it started, just in time to see Molly looking beautiful and enjoy the night.

Luz with Molly...she looked at her with total awe:

Luz with her great-uncle Luis:

By the fountain, probably interrupting about 10 other pictures:

Testing out Molly's chair:

James, getting fanned by Luis:

They discovered the streetcar and it provided about 15 minutes of entertainment:

Headed home, reluctantly:

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