Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Is But The Winking Of An Eye

On May 13th thirty-six years ago in a hospital in Quincy, MA, this little guy came into the world weighing a mere 5 lbs. 11 oz. He spent the first few months of his life sleeping with cats. Cats. I am not kidding.

And then in minutes that baby turned into this kid:

And then quickly became this brace-faced tween:

And moments later, a 6 pack a day of Coke drinking teen:

And soon after, what was written in the stars came true and he:

and she:

crossed paths and then it was 1999:

And what felt like a few days later this happened:

Followed almost instantly by that:

And after what I imagine feels like a nanosecond it is his 36th birthday. I am forever thankful for that day in May because without it my life wouldn't be as beautiful as it is now.

Happy Birthday Xian. I Heart You.


The Gimlet Eye said...

Tear! Happy Birthday Christian!

Cathie said...

Happy Birthday, Christian! I'm also grateful for that day in May 36 years ago because for sure my life wouldn't be as sweet as it is today without you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Julie beautiful! How the years fly by and you will see that when Lucy & James are Christians age. May 13th was just such a beautiful day in my life. I was just so blessed that day and the day that the two of you got married and brought Lucy and James into my life. Love you all

Kitty Brown said...

Happy birthday, Christian! We hope all 4 of you have a wonderful day full of celebration and love.

Robincita said...

Aww! I heart you both! What a great tribute - happy birthday, my wizened cuz.