Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Celebration #2

Luz is still 4, but she managed yet another birthday celebration, this one weeks before any real celebration is due. That said, it was a lovely, super-easy, and yet chaotic party...but I guess anytime there are sixty 5 year-old girls within a square block and endless amounts of sugar, there will be mayhem.

The easy part was mixing this:

with this:

along with some of this for the moms and dads:

and plenty of popcorn, candy, and cake.

I love The Prytania Theater. It is easily my favorite place in the city of NOLA to watch a movie (although from what I have read the refurbished Canal Place Theater is going to be incredible). The lovely, octogenarian owner of The Prytania is more passionate about cinema than anyone I have ever met, and they are open for birthday parties, birthday parties involving five year-old girls who spill popcorn and sprite and run up and down the aisles and smash cake into the carpet.

I am sure it was a birthday that Luz will not forget. Sadly, because there was so much activity, I had a tough time getting shots.

Here is the most pathetic attempt at a shot of the "birthday" girl and her little brother:

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