Sunday, September 11, 2011

Haircut...for Real

On Saturday James got a much-needed haircut and went from this:

to this:

and almost in an instant it seemed as if his personality changed too...and I know it was just me, thinking that he looked suddenly like a 'big' boy, but the personality fit...there were no naps over the weekend and all sorts of games involving running and jumping and screaming and so much talk...endless streams of questions and comments...and by the end of the weekend the haircut grew on me and it seemed a little less like the story of Samson and I could still see that sweet little baby inside when he told Winnie all about the sun setting over the sugarcane fields.


Kitty Brown said...

Oh wow -- baby to big boy in a single cut. (this is why I'm dragging my feet on Stephen's mullet) James looks super-cute either way!

Anonymous said...

James really does look grown up in this photo.
Love Nana