Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer Afternoon....Poolside

While we were in Thibodaux over the weekend we spent many hours by the pool. It was the first time in a long time that the water felt refreshing, even a little on the cold side.

The kids swam, lounged in the sunshine, blew bubbles, napped, enjoyed picnics and even occupied themselves long enough for me to read an entire Lucky magazine...the whole thing! It was a lovely couple of days.

Here they are next to the gigantic, inflatable whale that Uncle Richmond got them during his trip to the San Juan Islands over the summer. This guy was a big hit until he split at the seam (probably when I jumped on him):

A few more pics - the one of me is courtesy of Luz - she is getting pretty good with the camera:


Kelsea said...

Jamesy looks like a cute little old man in the picture with the hat and juice box. Adorable as always.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Miss my Buttercup & Cuddlebug!