Tuesday, September 27, 2011


While I was busy living it up in Annapolis for my cousin's wedding, pretending to be someone without a care in the world, I got a text from my friend, Elizabeth, that quickly took me back to reality. She had kindly agreed to cover for me and carpool Lucy to a skating birthday party (a tall task in light of the fact that Lucy had never skated before...ever).

Her text was as follows: "Congratulations, Lucy got to to take home Suzi Q, the class pet, this weekend. By the way, there is a lice epidemic at school right now so you might want to make sure Christian runs that thing in the dryer before the kids get too close to it."

I guess Christian did not understand the urgency of my request, or maybe it is just that he is a guy and does not have a huge appreciation for hygiene, or maybe he has never had lice. At any rate, late that night when I finally had a chance to talk to him he told me that he didn't bother putting the stuffed animal in the dryer because he figured it was "too late at that point anyway." Grrr. I was on pins and needles all weekend thinking about a lice infestation and my inability to handle one. And when I got home on Sunday I immediately checked heads, holding my breath the entire time, not exhaling until I was sure there was no trace of lice. Here is Luz with sweet, clean, lice-free Suzi-Q:


Kayla said...

eww so scary! i bet her thick hair was hard to check for yucky bugs!

Kitty Brown said...

oh wow -- I was ripping through this post to get to the end. so glad you're bug-free (and I guess it's better that the class pet is stuffed than alive?).