Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's New

I finally updated the blog design a bit. I have so many different ideas about what I would like to do with the blog, but there is just so little free time these days that it cannot be a priority. Consequently, I simplified things a little and decided I would start to feature some of my favorite old pictures in the blog header and rotate them in and out periodically because there are so many that I love.

And, speaking of pictures, I am in desperate need of a new lens. I never replaced the 'kit' lens after my first generation Rebel finally bit the dust (or was dropped one too many times) and I just cannot get the old lens to cooperate these days. It was sluggish for a while and now it is practically non-responsive and impossible to use. So, I am keeping my eyes on this little guy, which I hear is a versatile 'go-to' lens and is totally compatible with the Rebel.

It is a little more lens than I need (and probably a little more than I would know what to do with), but I have a birthday coming up soon, which means I just might be in luck.

Oh, while I am would be very cool to get a pair of these:

Newtons are supposedly THE latest in running shoe trends...maybe they will make me faster (yeah, right).

One more thing...I love these charms. I got a necklace with a "J" charm when I was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding and I wear it almost every day. Now I just need an "L" to add to the mix and have Lucy represent!

But you want to know what I REALLY want for my birthday? It is all very simple and the older I get the more I feel like I sound like my mom and dad when we asked what they wanted. What I REALLY want are the following things:

1. sweet, well-behaved children (which I have, mostly);
2. more time in the day to spend with sweet, well-behaved children;
3. more quality time with Christian (which I had today - we went to the Saints game together, without kids, and it was a perfect afternoon);
4. one morning to sleep late in a dark, quiet, cold room;
5. less work-induced anxiety (which I might have since I just settled the last case I have that was set to go to trial in 2011);
6. the ability (mentally and physically) to run longer and faster;
7. world peace; AND
8. a new sports bra

But, truthfully, I am very happy and feel blessed to have celebrated another year with people I love...because the BEST birthday present in the world is seeing things like this...and it happens all the time:

Luz & James outside of the Audubon Zoo, Luz's pick for an activity on a quiet NOLA morning after a little celebration at the Magic Box toy store to pick up James' reward for totally owning the potty this week - even while I was out of town for three days.


Linda said...

Cute pics as always, i love the change now i think the name should be changed to nola kids because your babie's have grown up!!

Darren said...

Very nice blog.