Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 38 years old today. 38. In two years I will be 40, at which point (as Luz so kindly reminded me this evening) I will then be 'over the hill'...yikes. So, yeah, I am feeling (and looking) a little old. But it was a perfect birthday weekend - a family wedding in Annapolis with plenty of time to visit with family members I do not see often enough, a lovely day with Christian and the kids visiting with friends and opening presents, and a delicious dinner with my family to end the weekend and celebrate in style. I totally relaxed this weekend - Christian and the kids stayed in NOLA and, although I missed them terribly (we all did), it was nice to have my hands and mind free - no chasing kids around and making sure they stayed out of trouble. Without my muses though I barely took any pictures. Fortunately, plenty of other people did... Here is one that Mary posted - me, with some of the cousins, at the wedding reception:
I am the old person somewhere near the middle, you cannot miss me.


Kitty Brown said...

You make 38 look amazing -- happiest of days and years to you!

Kayla said...

Happy Birthday!