Monday, January 02, 2012

Hey There 2012

We are back in NOLA after a lovely week in Atlanta filled with, in no particular order, the following awesomeness:

1.  tons of times with family and friends we do not see often enough;
2.  late bedtimes and mornings spent in pjs, lounging around;
3.  some incredible (but hilly) runs in a beautiful public park;
4.  great meals;
5.  a night in one of the most luxurious hotels I have ever been in;
6.  a trip to Ikea and H&M;
7.  my first-ever trip to Stone Mountain, GA;
8.  a late afternoon arrival in NOLA to our house mid-way through a massive, much-needed paint job.

There are tons of exciting things going on over the next few weeks and, although I am not totally psyched about getting back in to the routine and I am going to be in a bit of a post-holiday funk (especially when my sweet sissy heads back to NYC on Wednesday), I am looking forward to James' 3rd birthday, the start  of the Mardi Gras season, a freshly painted house, friends in and out of town for various football games and events over the next few weeks and whatever other blessings 2012 has in store.


Anonymous said...

We miss you all so much! Love Nana

Kitty Brown said...

Sweet Lucy! Cannot wait to see the new paint job when we are there this weekend!

Linda said...

Happy new year to the NOLA vaicius family from the Boston Vaicius Family!!We love and miss you!!

Holyriver said...

Very nice blog.
Happy new year from Italy.