Sunday, January 08, 2012

Jamesy Is Three!

We celebrated James' 3rd birthday with pony rides at the park down the street.  We lucked out with incredibly mild weather, well-behaved ponies, and enthusiastic kids.  It was a simple and lovely birthday celebration but it will always be a memory that stands out because of the incredible serendipity... a perfectly timed visit by the Roman Candy Man right before we sang happy birthday and cut James' birthday king cake, a sea of Saints jerseys on tiny bodies that took over the otherwise quiet playground and the end of a fabulous day capped off with followed by an incredible Saints victory and, unbelievably, there is still more celebrating and fun to come.

James' very special birthday is celebrated at a very special time in a very special city.

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Anonymous said...

I just love the smile on his face riding the pony! He makes you feel like you are there in this photo. I am so happy that everything (weather) was so good for all of you...Love & Miss you