Thursday, January 05, 2012

Photo Overload

I finally moved 300 photographs from my memory card to the hard drive.  It took almost an hour as the communication between the computer and my Rebel is deteriorating (and I have no idea why at this point).  At any rate, there are photographs dating back to early December that I need to sift through and, eventually, share.  Until then, here is a cute one of Luz and James with their cousin, Liam at Stone Mt. for the Snow Moutain Extravaganza (if you live in the ATL area, have kids and have not checked this place out, GO). I did not take as many pictures as I would have liked to while we were in Atlanta because my camera battery died.  To make matters worse, it died before I was able to capture a picture of the cousins together - Pete is sneaky.

On another note, I cannot BELIEVE that James is going to be 3 on Monday.  Once you are 3 you are officially more a kid than you are a toddler.  To say my heart is aching is inadequate.

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Neo said...

Go San Fran!!! ;)