Tuesday, January 24, 2012

House Stuff

In addition to the new Ikea furniture, there are a few other home improvements going on around here.  We are (it seems) midway through a massive house face lift.   What started out as a paint job has become a tiny bit more involved...

I guess as with many home improvement projects, as the work progresses, new problems are revealed.  The good news is, we will have a new front porch.  The bad news is that the project is rapidly becoming more expensive than we ever anticipated.  I have miniature panic attacks when I get a call from Christian during the day right now.  I find myself holding my breath, bracing for news of some expensive new problem.

The weather has not been ideal for painting so the pace has been rather slow.  I had hoped the work would be complete before Mardi Gras, but at this rate I do not think it will be possible.


Mary said...

If ever you want to commiserate about the random shiz that goes wrong with houses - you just let me know. I am CHOCK FULL O' HORROR STORIES that will make you feel better about your current sitch.

Linda said...

Hope no more bad news and everything else goes smoothly for you guys :) I do hope you post a pic when the house is done.