Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am in the middle of this book:

by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman and would like to sit down and read it cover to cover if I had time.  It is fascinating and entertaining and troubling all at once. The premise, and you can see it for yourself on the website, www.nurtureshock.com, is essentially that many modern parenting strategies/formulas are completely backfiring because some of the "twists in science have been overlooked."  I am half way through it and apparently have operated under some misconceptions about how to parent and support my children since their birth.  I am not going to completely change my style at this point, but it is certainly food for thought.  I highly recommend it if you are at all interested in the psychology behind parenting/child rearing.  I cannot get enough of the stuff because who wouldn't want to try to get everything right?


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Kitty Brown said...

Oh my. Clearly, you'll have to pass that one along.