Tuesday, January 10, 2012

King Cake Season

Have you had one of these yet?

We are just 4 days in and I have already had two pieces of king cake.  It is a good thing that Mardi Gras is only a little over a month away.  So far I have had a Rouses cinnamon/traditional king cake (I never eat filled king cakes, ever - I do have limitations) and a king cake from the Cake Palace which is somewhere in Kenner but they also make their king cakes available at the P.J.s near our house.  Again, I had a cinnamon/traditional.  Of the two, my favorite was the Cake Palace king cake, better all around on all areas where I give marks (cake consistency, icing, amount of cinnamon, portability, type of baby inside).  The Rouses was okay but it was VERY dry.  

By the end of the season last year I realized that I am no longer a  McKenzie's purist.  I still appreciate the simplicity of the brioche-style cake, but I absolutely love the cinnamon and (gasp) the copious amounts of white icing that appears on most cakes underneath the obligatory purple, green and gold granules.  My favorites last year were Diane Randazzo's and Haydel's.  If the lines ever go down or someone brings me one I will try them both again, until then, I will likely sample everything else in between.

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