Monday, March 26, 2012

Stuff I'd Like To Remember

Things have been incredibly busy around here.  The honeymoon is over and my not-so-new-anymore job is much busier than I anticipated - which is good and bad.  On top of that, Christian was out of town for 4 days attending a conference and James decided to become obsessed with him on the day he left NOLA.  So, the weekend was spent with lots of tears and complaining and 'looking' for daddy.

There were a few moments of loveliness and humor though - Friday night dinner outside of Whole Foods with Katie and MCB enjoying the most perfect weather ever, an attempt at the muddy Hogs for the Cause on Sunday, lots of park time, a few runs with the old jog stroller (probably the last 2 times I will ever use that thing - at least with James as the passenger), and a delicious Sunday "linner" with mom-mom at Superior Seafood - the pomegranate mojito did not hit me until after the leisurely walk home, fortunately)...and this was another lovely moment, 2 quiet minutes first thing Saturday morning when James engaged in one of his current favorite pastimes, counting chimneys and imagining what is going on in all of those other houses:

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Anonymous said...

We missed you all while Christian was here. I just love this pic.
Love & miss you