Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Voice

Have any of you been watching this?

I know, the Vaicius family is late to the game and only recently started watching it.  We are hooked though, totally hooked.  I love that the kids get so wrapped up in the contestants and the different teams.  I love learning about artists I knew nothing about.  I have never listened to any of the judges' music (other than one or two here and there on the radio or when shopping at the Gap) but I am starting to appreciate and even like all of them.  It takes two nights for us to get through one episode (because of homework and baths and reasonable bedtimes) and the kids look forward to it every week. We have never watched American Idol or any of the dance shows or talent shows or the Bachelor or Big Brother, and the closest we get to reality tv is the occasional episode of Americas Funniest Home Videos (alright, ok, we watch Survivor and Amazing Race...but those don't really count, right).  Anyway, I am sort of embarrassed and totally cool with it all at once.  You should check it out.

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