Monday, March 05, 2012

Super Fabulous Super Saints

My friend, Jen, dresses her entire family in a particular theme each Mardi Gras and was sweet enough to include Luz and James in the choice for 2012, Super Saints.  They were both thrilled when they saw their Super Saint t's and James would probably wear his every day if I allowed it.

Here is Luz on Mardi Gras day with her favorite Nyx catch, a second line, Saints-themed umbrella:

And with Uncle Richmond...he is in costume, dressed as someone from a zombie t.v. show or movie (which I am too out of touch with to recognize, ugh):

I know, I am still posting Mardi Gras pictures!  And there are more, yes, plenty... Papa-T rode in a parade this year so there is so much to share.  Unfortunately, I was out of town for most of last week for work (and managed to fit in a quick stop in Downtown Disney World, which was really cool, incidentally) and then I ran 26.2 miles yesterday (and, consequently, can barely walk today).   At any rate, as is usually the case, things are way too busy around here.  So, I am taking deep breaths, slowing down as much as possible (and with my current physical limitations it is rather possible), and remembering to enjoy a few quiet minutes with the kids at the end of the day (even if those minutes involve being climbed on and shouted at - so goes the life of a mama).

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Linda said...

I believe that Zombie person got eaten last sunday! (Dale).