Monday, April 30, 2007

Gather It All In A Bunch Of Heather

Earlier today in an email to Christian I suggested that I might be able to get home by 6 and spend an hour in the yard weeding - something we meant to do over the weekend. I guess I inspired Christian because when I got home - incidentally it was not anywhere close to 6 - he and La Luz were working hard. She doesn't really know what she is doing but La Luz loosely grasps the concept and seems to enjoy the work. The hard part is teaching her how to differentiate between what stays and what goes.

Not only was I late, I wasn't much help around the yard. I felt lazy tonight and decided to sit on the steps, drink a glass of wine, and eat this asian snack mix that I get at Whole Foods and am completely addicted to. La Luz spent the remainder of the evening picking pieces off of the rosemary plant that pop gave us and rubbing them in her hands so that she smelled like delicious, fresh rosemary.

Here she is with the rosemary

and digging into the asian snack mix (and I am not supposed to let her eat this because she choked on a piece of it recently and it was sort of scary)

and standing in front of 'her' window in one of my favorite recycled dresses from Maddie Moore.

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Scarlet said...

I love the dress on my Lucy - I thought I recognized it!