Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wedding-Filled Weekend

My cousin Stephen's wedding was on Saturday night so our weekend was busy with wedding activities. Fortunately for Stephen and his wife, Samantha, the weather was absolutely incredible. I am thrilled that they had great weather for the wedding festivities but couldn't help thinking that I would be even happier for weather like this next weekend for Jazz Fest.

I got back in town from Virginia Friday afternoon and, after I ran to the office to pick up a few things, I spent the remainder of the day working from home and hanging out with La Luz. On Friday night Kelsea babysat for La Luz and Christian and I joined the rest of the Eustis family for the rehearsal dinner. After dinner we all went out for some drinks and it was such a nice treat to catch up with all of my cousins, as most of them live out of town these days and we rarely get to spend time together.

On Saturday we we had lunch at Savvy Gourmet and spent some more quality time with everyone who was in town for the wedding. The ceremony was at St. Henry's and since it was a nice night we were able to walk. La Luz was great during the wedding but kept asking to go visit the "Jesus going 'night night'". In the back of the church there is a statute of Jesus after he is taken down from the cross, prior to being placed in the tomb. He is covered in blood. For some reason that didn't seem to bother La Luz. I suppose because he is draped with a white cloth she assumed it was a sheet and that he must be getting ready to go to sleep.

La Luz spent the night at AJ and Uncle Edwards so that Christian and I could enjoy the reception and not have to worry about La Luz having a meltdown. It was such a nice treat and La Luz got totally spoiled. Apparently she slept until 8:15. She would never have done that here.

This morning mom and pop and Aunt Kate hosted a brunch for all of the out of town wedding guests so I spent the first part of the day helping out and visiting with everyone. It was one last chance to spend some time with everyone and it made me sad when it was time to leave - the weekend went by way too fast. Here are a few pictures of the events:

Outside of St. Henry's, giving Pop knuckles

Second Line

Dancing with the girls. Yes, that is mom out there on the dance floor - a once in a decade event folks.

Me with the B'ham Browns

La Luz with her other cousin Liam, aka, big Liam.

I hope to have the rest of the pictures posted on my flickr site at some point this week.

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