Thursday, April 12, 2007

In My Shoes

Literally. Christian took the pictures this afternoon. I was stuck at work and then had to go straight to dinner with the summer associates at Clancy's and La Luz was asleep when I finally got home. Consequently, the pictures are all I know of her afternoon and evening, but they are great.

Whoa, yesterday's post stirred up a bit too much controversy for me so I am keeping it light today. Good dialogue though. For those who are interested, I learned that Community buys directly from coffee farmers in Rwanda for some of its 'premium' blends, which is pretty cool. One of the blends on the list that I recognized is the hotel blend. I have had it many times and it is, by far, a superior roast when compared with the dark and medium roast Community coffee. It is also more expensive, but only by a dollar or two. I am not sure about PJs and I am not sure about Cool Brew - my two biggest weaknesses - but I am going to try to find out the details and will let you know what I discover.

Papa-T and Nana arrive tomorrow afternoon for the weekend and I am off to NYC for two nights with Molls. I can't wait.

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toita said...

Hey Jules!! I read your blog yesterday but since I have no idea about all these I decided to keep my mouth shut! But I guess I would do exactly the same as you did, if I get the chance...Hope PJ does it too!!!
Well I am getting ready for my just wait for me!! Send Molls big hugs from here and that I will miss her while I`m in NO!!

see you soon!