Monday, April 09, 2007

I Don't Work, I Dream

As it always is after a three-day weekend, it was particularly painful returning to work this morning. It didn't help that it was a beautiful day and it didn't help that I left Christian and La Luz, cozy, in pjs, on the sofa, lounging around and enjoying a leisurely morning. I guess the hardest part about going to work is that I rarely enjoy what I do on a day-to-day basis. I don't even have the energy to go into it; instead I will post a picture of me playing with La Luz inside of the old dollhouse at White Plantation. I think I looked at this picture 5 times today and remembered the smell of old wet wood and rusty nails, the feeling of the sticky cobwebs as we pushed the shutters open, and the sound of La Luz's shouts as she peeked out of the window.

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toita said...

Hey my friend! I totally agree with my case was a 4 day a little worse...Nice pics of Thib.!! I`glad you had a great time out there...So good luck for the rest of the week, and star thinking that I will be there REALLY soon!! hahaha!