Monday, April 16, 2007

Guess Who's Back

Once I realized I wasn't leaving NYC until tomorrow morning, Molls and I came up with a plan for the day - lunch at Witchcraft followed by a visit to the expanded MoMa, follwed by some shopping at FAO Shwartz, followed by dinner with little Luis on the Upper West Side at a Thai restaurant he likes. Once our plans were set and we were almost out of the door I learned that Jet Blue had a seat available on the afternoon flight. I was torn but knew I should take it considering they were predicting snow flurries and more rain in NYC - it would have been risky to stick around. So, I packed my things quickly and walked with Molls to her local bakery, Blue Moon Bakery, for a quick coffee and breakfast. The airport was absolute madness but I had very little trouble. My flight was late, but nothing to complain about, all things considered. It was heartbreaking to leave Molls, it always is, but it was so nice to see La Luz's smiling face when she and mom-mom came to get me from the airport.

My trip was fabulous. When I arrived on Saturday Molly and I went to a street fair just down the street from her house. I found a great sweater for La Luz - like the ones we found on the street in Soho the spring before she was born - the ones she outgrew this year. I also got her a really cute sundress that is this incredible aqua color and was handmade in Guatemala.

After the street fair we went to Soho where we shopped and had an early dinner at a little french bistro. The weather was perfect, so comfortable that we were able to sit outside. While we were eating Molly Shannon passed by pushing a stroller with her two kids in it - very cool. After dinner Molly (my Molly, not Molly Shannon) headed to the theater to get ready for her show, Giant, and I ambled around a bit more until it was time for the show to start. The play was excellent and the story was heavy, but also incredibly hopeful - which I guess is one of - if not the - main themes in the story. I was very impressed. The set was remarkable too - one of the best I have seen.

The rain was terrible on Sunday, no doubt. It was apparently the most rainy day in NYC in 30 years. Who keeps track of that sort of thing? We weren't deterred. We managed to get soaking wet and still shop for hours on end. It was unbelievable. The weather thinned the crowds out a bit so it was easy enough to get in and out of dressing rooms for a change.

I was home for less than two hours before talking about when my next trip to visit Molly will be - end of the summer, my birthday weekend. But I am getting ahead of myself. I think tonight Molls will enjoy having her bed back to herself!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jules! Nice to see you are back home and had a great week end with Molls...She looks awesome and that`s very good news..I will have the details when I get there, but seems you two had a lot of fun!