Thursday, April 26, 2007


Cottage Living began the process of putting together the pieces of the modular home down the street yesterday. I was stuck at work but Christian was kind enough to race home in the middle of the day to document the process for me. By the looks of it, I missed out on quite a spectacle. It has been difficult for me to fathom how these modular homes work, practically speaking. The pictures help me understand that it happens precisely the way it has been explained to me in the past - the structure is built in a warehouse somewhere (in this case, Arkansas) and then transported to wherever it is supposed to go on a flatbed. Once it arrives at the desired location, the pieces of the structure (in this case there are three) are lifted off of the flat bed and put into place on top of foundation poured just a day or two before. To see pieces of a house above the telephone wires and amid the tree tops is positively surreal.

The end result is going to be incredible based on what I have seen of the past Cottage Living dream homes (the people at Cottage Living were considerate enough to treat the neighbors to a year subscription of the magazine for the inconvenience). I am not hard to please; anything is better than the dilapidated house that was sitting on the lot when we moved in and the post-demolition cavity in the middle of the block hasn't been much to look at for the past few months either. Needless to say, I cannot wait until the work is complete and we get to tour the inside.

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