Thursday, September 06, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I flipped out yesterday when I got an email from ASH at around 10 a.m. asking the parents to make sure that our daughters have Saints hair bows/ribbons/barrettes in their hair for a pep rally in support of the Saints. Hair bows? Ribbons? Barrettes? Thanks to AJ and Kelsea, La Luz was able to show up at school today with a Saints bow/barette in her hair. Getting it in her hair was not unlike wrestling an alligator, but it looked adorable. When I got home, however, she had a completely different barrette in her hair. Apparently, one of the other mom's in La Luz's class made matching Saints barrettes for all of the girls. Wow. I wish I could be that mom.

I think that La Luz now accepts the idea that her hair should be brushed and that, at least occasionally, it is a good idea to have things in her hair. AJ hooked La Luz up with her own bow/barrette container and even got her a brush. La Luz takes a great deal of pride in her barrette box. She opens it constantly and looks at all of the different barrettes AJ made for her hair. She was sort of disappointed when I refused to put three barrettes in her hair at the same time earlier today. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but really, there are limits.

We watched most of the Saints game tonight and, though we were filled with hope and optimism in the beginning, by then end there was much more of the old shouting through clenched teeth, stomping of feet, and cursing at the coach going on. At the risk of sounding like a pollyana, I think the next game will be much better, that this was just a fluke and we got off on the wrong foot. They are, after all, Our Team, Our Hope, Our Spirit...or at least La Luz thinks so.


Carlee said...

She's quite the Reggie fan at 2 and so adorable! It makes me feel like a bad New Orleanean for not even being able to bring myself to spring for my own jersey and at 2 she has one... something to think about! :)

TOITA said...

hahaha! yesterday I was wearing my Saints t-shirt for gym!! Not being able to watch them on TV that is as far as I can get from here!! GO SAINTS!
Lucy girl looks adorable!!



Kitty Brown said...

AAAHHH -- those moms stress me out and I'm not even a mom! Lucy looks precious. Have fun in Atlanta!