Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bump, Set, Spike

I had to leave the office a bit early today to meet our ac guy. He told us when we moved in that we needed to replace the duct work in the attic. It is a year and a half later and it is now apparent that we really cannot put it off any longer, even though we are not even supposed to think about spending money on stuff like that right now. As soon as someone starts throwing around the word mold, however, I can easily justify a few bucks here and there.

I managed to get quite a bit accomplished this afternoon - cooked jambalaya, made a salad, straightened the house up a bit, chilled out with La Luz in front of the tv, and watched a little of the ASH volleyball game. These days going to a volleyball game means either La Luz is squirming around in my lap the entire time, sitting still only as long as the snacks last, or we retire to the 'little' gym so that La Luz can chase balls around, dive bomb on the foam mats, jump rope, and play with the wheely-discs. Today she had the extra entertainment of her friends, Emma, Luke, and Bruce. By the time we got home she was wired, despite the fact that she barely took a nap at school today. She has a long day tomorrow, so I hope she sleeps well tonight.

Here she is playing hard and hanging out:

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