Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Edge Of The Ocean

I woke up dizzy this morning, so dizzy that I couldn't go to pilates and could barely concentrate on my work. I am not sure what is causing it (and no, I am not pregnant) but it is making me feel very odd. I don't have any other symptoms, just the very strange sensation of having just climbed off of a carousel. I suppose my head aches a bit, but it stands to reason. Incidentally, the glass of wine I just drank only contributed to the situation. I am now ready for bed.

La Luz, Christian and I went to the Aquarium last Sunday where we met up with my friend, Fulton, and his wife and daughter. I have known Fulton since I was three. He doesn't live here anymore, so it is always a treat to have a chance to visit. His daughter is adorable and, with his permission, I will post some pics sometime soon.

I have never been one of those types of people who can tolerate foolishness like this, but I suppose I better get used to it with these two:


Anonymous said...

It sure looks like Christian & Lucy were enjoying it!


TOITA said...

hahahaha!! Great picture!!! hahahahah yes I guess you will have to get use to that kind of things..for what is worth, I love the picture and they look so funny!!
Get well my friend..and ready for the million times you will have to say "I am not pregnant"...hehehe..are you? hahahahaha



Christian said...

Hey Jules,
This post is your 1 Year Anniversary. Thanks for doing the blog. It is the first thing I check everyday. I know it takes a lot of energy to get a few posts in every week but it makes my day every time. I love you and congrats on one full year of blogging. I hope NOLA baby has many more.

TOITA said...

wow!! really 1 year!?!?! Congrats my friend!! Totally agree with "the dude"!! first thing I do every morning before even check my mails..and I love it!! It makes me feel so much closer to you all,and see what`s going on with you all..So thanks for taking the time every night and do this...

NOLAcathie said...

Twinkle, twinkle little starfish...

How precious!

Stacey said...

Why would you call this foolishness? I love it. Being goofy is what I am all about!

It sure looks like they had fun. Good for Christian (and his foolishness). Ha ha.