Monday, September 10, 2007

Girl Plus Two

We spent the weekend in Atlanta celebrating Beau and Emily's wedding. As an added bonus, we had three days to spend with Nana, Papa-T, and the Martins. Most importantly, I had uninterrupted time holding my amazing, tiny, brand new nephew, and it was perfect. La Luz had a great time taking care of baby Wesley. I keep telling her to enjoy it for now because when the boys get bigger she will be outnumbered. For now, this is how it is:

La Luz and Liam finally play together and it is totally entertaining, better than I ever imagined. The most wonderful part is that they are really sweet to one another, heartwarming stuff:

The wedding was beautiful. It was outside, overlooking the woods. I didn't realize such scenes were possible in the heart of Roswell, Georgia. The highlight was the two bands that played, DQE and Windy and Carl, and the favors, mix cds and vintage bottles filled with heather. We had a blast catching up with friends we don't get to see often and we stayed out way too late both nights. Although we were afforded the luxury of sleeping late on Saturday and Sunday, I still don't feel like I have fully recovered. I suppose it might all be related to the buzz-kill of an hour spent on the runway in Atlanta with a toddler on my lap and an angry, anal-retentive, giant in the seat in front of me. I will hopefully have a chance to download more of my pictures sometime in the next few days.

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