Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ring Out Every Bell

The highlight of the weekend was baby Betsy's first birthday party. It was months in the making and the result of all the planning was a pretty incredible party, and I never thought I would be able to say that about a baby's party without dry-heaving. In typical fashion, and following in La Luz's footsteps, Betsy was not too interested in her cake or presents and somehow managed to take a 45 minute nap amid all of the chaos. She was a good sport and had a great time, notwithstanding all the cheek grabbing and passing around from friends' and relatives' arms. Here she is, at her party, almost one:

I imagine that for La Luz the best part of the celebration was testing out some of Betsy's presents before she actually got a turn:

and the baby swag. She toted this thing around all weekend:

For me, the best part was having a chance to visit with my friend, Hal, who came in from Baton Rouge for the festivities. I imagine the time we had to talk was a total of about 15 minutes, considering the constant interruptions courtesy of La Luz, but I will take what I can get.

The weather this weekend was incredible. We spent the majority of our time this weekend outside. It reminded me of last fall and spring and the beautiful days we spent on the porch outside with La Luz. I hope that the weather is a good sign that the super-hot days are behind us.

Here she is, after running around in the sprinkler, looking incredibly sharp in her Dora poncho/towel. I did not make this purchase:

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Kitty Brown said...

HA! I saw one of those Dora deals in a magazine over the weekend, and thought about Lucy. Glad to see she's waaay ahead of me.