Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fly In And Take Me Away

The weekend was completely packed with exciting activities. The high point was, of course, the visit from Nana and Papa-T who always make life extra-special when they are around. The low point was, perhaps, La Luz's temper tantrum on Sunday night when I refused her third request for Cheetos. They are the natural version of Cheetos, but I am still not convinced that I should let her eat them on demand, to the exclusion of well-balanced meals. I am actually not even sure what natural means since I haven't read the label and bothered to compare them to regular Cheetos.

La Luz was completely spoiled this weekend, we all were. Nana and Papa-T babysat on Friday and Saturday night so we were able to attend the volleyball party on Friday night and see a movie (Darjeeling Limited, which was sort of excellent, incidentally) on Saturday. We kept Papa-T and Nana busy all weekend. We even managed a quick trip to the zoo, dinner at Frankie and Johnny's with Mom-mom and Pop, and breakfast at Bluebird. Small wonder La Luz was wiped out by 7:00 tonight.

I started tennis lessons this weekend and loved it. I have talked about taking lessons for years now but just wasn't ever able to make it happen, until now. I am really looking forward to my next lesson and I hope that I stick with it and improve. I want to be able to play Christian and have it be, at least a little bit, challenging for him. I haven't played in years, except for that one time in lawschool when I tried to play Christian and he just laughed at me and then got mad. Consequently, I am very sore, but I guess that is a good thing.

Here's La Luz, outside of Audubon Park with Nana and Papa-T:

and at the airport, helping Papa-T get his plane ready for the flight back to Atlanta:

and with Nana, sad to see her go:

Time and distance don't yet make sense to La Luz. She knows that Nana and Papa-T live in Atlanta and that they get to see her cousins and her Aunt Susan and Uncle Marty, but she doesn't understand that it means that she can't see them whenever she wants. It sort of makes me sad when she tells me that she will be waiting for Nana to wake her up from her nap and I know that isn't possible. I suppose it is what makes the weekend visits so special.


Scarlet said...

What a thrill to see my baby in the blue smocked dress! I hope Betsy loves it as much as Maddie and La Luz do, too!

Nana said...

I stole that kiss, can you tell she doesn't like it when we steal them.

I love you Lucy!