Monday, November 12, 2007

The Two Sides Of La Luz

As La Luz gets older her personality becomes a bit more defined. She was born on June 19th and, as a result, is a Gemini. I don't really buy into astrology much but I have always been entertained by how most of the people I know tend to have traits associated with their particular astrological sign. For example, I am a total Libra. I crave consistency and balance, avoid controversy and thrive when things are fair. My mom is a Libra and is much the same way. My little sister is a Gemini and has always had a split personality. It is because of my experiences with Molly that I was both fearful of and fascinated by what La Luz's personality would be like. Maybe it is because she is 2 and 1/2, but lately I have had the opportunity to see two very different sides of La Luz. The interesting part is that La Luz's mood can change in a matter of seconds, and the swings are profound.

On the one hand there is this, 'don't mess with me, in fact, don't look at me' nonsense:

and then, just seconds later there is this, 'awww, shucks, it just little old me' ball of love:

It keeps things interesting for sure.

Happy Birthday to Aunt Lucy and to La Luz's Argentine aunt Toita! I hope you both had wonderful birthdays. We love you!


lindavaicius said...

Wow julie! just described me and I am an "Aries"...hehehehehehe.

TOITA said...

Heyyy!! thanks for the wishes!!! And I can see what you mean..those pictures are sooo funny!! And Lucy girl will be awesome..I love that you never know what to expect! haha!



Anonymous said...

You mean Luz and Zul.