Thursday, November 15, 2007

November Tunes Make Me Think Of Cool Days

Here it is, fast on the heels of the Halloween mix, and it is quite good:

1. No One's Gonna Love You - Band of Horses
2. National Anthem of Nowhere - Apostle of Hustle
3. Jealousy - Spoon
4. I Dreamt Love Was a Crime - The Foxgloves
5. Open - Dub Pistols
6. Falling Off My Feet Again - The Siddelys (am I reading your writing right?)
7. When Did You Heart Go Missing - Rooney
8. Boy With A Coin - Iron & Wine
9. Watch Me Fall Apart - Hard-Fi
10. Spring Succeeds - Olivia Tremor Control
11. Suckers - Super Furry Animals
12. Teardrop - Jose Gonzales
13. Choir Vandals - American Analog Set
14. So Blind - Ladybug Transistor
15. Human Hands - Sondre Lerche
16. Butterly Nets - Bishop Allen
17. Selfish Team - Travis
18. To Die In East LA - West Indian Girl
19. Too Beautiful to F*** - Broken Social Scene
20. Tokyo Moon - Windmill
21. Carnival on 7th - Clientele
22. People Have a Way - Matt Pond PA
23 Shoot the Poet - The Cribs

I could very easily have some of the artists and titles juxtaposed and/or spelled incorrectly. I had a tough time reading Xian's handwriting.

My favorite and the most delightful surprise is the Bishop Allen song. I love it and of course Christian would have figured it out. If I could pick theme music, I supposed this would be it. Usually this is how my life feels. I also really dig the Band of Horses song and I think the Apostle of Hustle song is really going to grow on me. I already like it but think in about 5 listens I am going to love it. Jose Gonzales' version of Teardrop is beautiful. It might be hard to mess up that song though. Of course I also love the Siddely's (is that their name) song. I know that one is for me because I can't imagine Christian can make it through more than about 20 seconds of that song. There's some other really good stuff on there, the Fox Gloves song is beautiful, even if a touch depressing. The Hard Fi song is also very intense and dark but I love the cadence and know that is why this song is on the mix. The Dub Pistols is just silly. I can always count on Christian to make me laugh and keep things light. Thanks for that one pal. Same with the obligatory easy melody. It wouldn't be a mix for me without Travis or Coldplay I guess.

No La Luz pictures today. I am going straight from work to a Bar Association dinner and I think she will be in bed and (hopefully) asleep before I get home.


Kitty Brown said...

So, I don't know a single artist on that list -- I am officially uncool.

Scarlet said...

Me too, Kitty. Just for you, Aunt Julie, I'm going to put these tunes on my Zen. (If the tunes can tolerate being in the presence of all the disco hits from the 70s -- every last one!!)