Monday, November 19, 2007

In Just 11 Hours

It would have been less time away but after work I was on a mission to find these Dora yogurt drinks that La Luz has recently become addicted to, so I didn't get home until closer to 7:00. So much happened during the time I was gone from 8:00 this morning until I returned just a few hours ago. Most notably, I returned to find that Christian had weasled his way into 'most favored parent' position. Here's the look I got when I suggested La Luz might want to spend some time with me while Christian enjoyed a minute or two to himself:

I also missed out on La Luz's first movie-watching experience. Christian took her to see Bee Movie and she loved every minute of it. It stands to reason, she did it about 100 times in utero, including the night before her birth.

They also apparently got bored for a bit there because they came up with all of these quasi-gymnastic moves and made me sit through the routine. Twice.

At the end of the routine it was clear who had the better day.


Nola said...

She sures looks like her daddy in that pic! What a cutie.

Christy & Cindy said...

That is a wicked cute picture of Lucy and Chris!!! Very adorable!