Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It Should Come As No Surpise

The cold weather is here and, along with it, La Luz's first, full-blown illness of the school year. It is remarkable that she has lasted this long without getting sick, so I cannot really complain. By this time last year La Luz was on her third or fourth infection and another round of antibiotics.

It is sad to see her feeling so lousy and pathetic. She has no appetite, no energy, and no interest in anything in particular. She spent the majority of the afternoon and evening under piles of blankets watching Toy Story. In addition to the cold or whatever illness she is fighting, La Luz has been dealing with an intermittent limp for close to 2 weeks. There is really no explanation for what triggers the limp and it is completely inconsistent. I guess the doctor will be able to tell us what to do about it when Christian brings her in tomorrow morning. She is a mess, as if the cold and limp were not enough, La Luz has been raising eyebrows at school lately because she has somehow figured out that if she doesn't go to the bathroom at all while she is at school nobody can bother her about the toilet or a new diaper. As a result, she has figured out how to make it from 8:30 until 3:30 without going to the bathroom. I think her motivation is obvious and I am somewhat impressed with her will-power, but I would like to hear the pediatrician tell me that she is going to be okay and that I am not doing anything wrong.

I tried to take a picture of her, so rosy with fever and sweet with lethargy but she wanted nothing of it. Maybe I will have better luck tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to AJ and Sarah with all of our love and best wishes. Sarah, we miss you and hope you are having a wonderful time on your honeymoon!

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Kitty Brown said...

Oh no! Poor Lucy (and poor Mom and Dad)! I hope she gets to feeling better soon. Maybe an upside re the potty thing is that now she's prepared to go on car trips with Mr. "I don't stop for anything" Tucker Brown!