Monday, November 05, 2007

Just Two Wheels

I recently took mom's old Mesa Runner mountain bike (probably one of the first, mass-produced mountain bikes on the market) to GNO to have a baby seat installed on it. Our bikes were destroyed in Katrina and we never got around to replacing them. Lately, La Luz has been very into bikes and the idea of riding around on a bike. I also need another good cross training activity if I am actually going to run the marathon at the end of February, so I decided I should get a bike and that I should put a seat on it. Seats are much more expensive than I anticipated. Instead of buying a new bike and a new seat, mom and pop said I could use the Mesa Runner since it was basically sitting in the shed at their house. The seat was installed last weekend and La Luz was hooked after just one ride. She asks to go on a bike ride every day and when we can't, she stares out of the kitchen window onto the back deck where the bike rests, just waiting for a ride.

I have vivid memories of riding around on the back of mom and pop's bikes. I will never forget what it felt like to ride on the back of the bike and see the world from that position, so unlike driving and even walking. I think La Luz feels the same way. Here she is on Saturday morning all geared up for her ride:

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