Monday, February 11, 2008

Fishies For Three Years

I am a sucker for progression photographs. They don't really work well when your subject matter refuses to cooperate and your photographer is lazy. I often think, "I wish I would have taken a picture of that before..." I have managed to catch La Luz with the Proteus fish for three years in a row. I tried to duplicate the pose from the first year but have not had any luck. At any rate, I still think it is interesting to see how she has grown:

Things have been a bit hectic around here. Mardi Gras break is finally over for Christian and La Luz so it is back to the old routine - which means there are stacks of laundry in every bin and basket, not enough groceries, complicated pick-up and drop-off schedules - the works. Christian seems to have recovered from whatever awful flu has been circulating around the city, but he is somewhat bitter about the fact that most of his vacation was spent in bed. I am still training (but now finally tapering) for the Mardi Gras marathon and I am starting to get very anxious with the race less than two weeks away. I also started keeping a food journal that is public. You can access it by clicking on the link on the left side of the blog. I am keeping the journal mostly because I would like to pay closer attention to my nutrition but also because I would like to lose a few pounds. The actual hassle of keeping the journal is somewhat of a deterrent, but so far I have enjoyed seeing where what I eat comes from. In just a few days I have discovered that, for me, 2,000 calories a day really isn't all that much. I have also disocvered that my diet does not contain enough calcium - this despite the fact that I drink milk and eat yogurt every day. The journal is just one aspect of some of the changes I am trying to make. I am shopping at the farmer's market every week and am making a more concerted effort to buy what is local, seasonal, and most humane when possible. Another aspect is the scale - but I will save that for another day.


TOITA said...

Nice pictures my friend! It is fun to see the three of them even if they are not EXACTLY the same...I`m glad to hear that you are back on training but just take care of you and ok with the diet..I think I could never go public on my meals! hahaha!


Scarlet said...

ok...I do not see how you drink V8 juice. When I was really devoted to dieting, and was having trouble getting my veggies in, my diet counselor recommended the new V8 Frusion drinks. I about gagged - in fact, even Gary wouldn't drink it, and he loves tomato soup! Even the "orange" flavor that's half carrots. I can't do it.