Monday, February 25, 2008

I Will Play A While Here

Scarlet was in town for the weekend so it made for a magical three days of fun. She came to New Orleans to run the half marathon and make sure that I didn't chicken out of running the full, but I am convinced she has some ulterior motives, one of which was breakfast at La Boulangerie.

Here I am enjoying one of my favorite treats, pastries, hot coffee, and a chance to visit with Scarlet and Jen. I wish every weekend started off this way. I have Betsy on my lap. It took a few minutes for La Luz to figure out that she was sort of jealous. She got over it though and ended up playing quite nicely with Betsy:

Jen and Scarlet:

La Luz, La Boulangerie

Why can't I get her to drink chocolate milk? She will have nothing to do with the stuff.

The second culinary stop during Scarlet's visit was Domilise's for unbeatable po-boys. I was craving a Domilise's po-boy after watching the No Reservations New Orleans edition a few weeks ago so Scarlet's timing was perfect.

Tucker and Kitty were also in town for the weekend and they joined us at Mom and Pop's for lunch - the perfect Saturday afternoon.

Here's La Luz opening up her new favorite toy - a Playmobil set that Tucker and Kitty gave her:

More tomorrow after Scarlet has a chance to send me some pics. My legs ache and I am a little sleepy tonight.


Kitty Brown said...

Too bad every Saturday isn't like that - here's hoping the cats and mice stay in Lucy's hands and out of her mouth (again, sorry about the toys being so small -- they really don't look that small on the box!).

Christian said...

Have you seen Cinderella's shoes? The toy you gave her is perfect.

Scarlet said...

I hope I was a little more photogenic on the Jumbotron!!!! :) I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

Scarlet said...
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