Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mardi Gras 2008

It is hard to believe that Mardi Gras is (almost) officially over. The past few days have been filled with parade-watching and spending time with family and friends. Notwithstanding the deluge on Thursday night, the weather was incredible. It was 80 degrees today. 80. It is February 5. New Orleans temperature is always unpredictable but I can usually count on not breaking a sweat in early February. Not this year.

La Luz had a great time but doesn't have quite the stamina for parade going that she needs to be a New Orleans kid. I see my friends' children who wouldn't miss a float much less a parade and I don't get it when La Luz starts complaining that she is ready to go home after four floats. She made it through a few full parades but most of the time we split the evening between the parade route and the house, taking necessary breaks at her request here and there. The convenience of living a block from the parade route was worth all of the other hassles that come with the location this weekend.

Nana and Papa-T were in town for the weekend. They left early this morning and La Luz is already complaining that she misses them terribly. It was great having them here because it meant having an extra set of hands to take care of La Luz.

The ladder looked great out on Napoleon Ave. I thought the stencil work was inferior but, upon closer inspection of other ladders, I think La Luz's ladder might even be one of the better ones that I saw. I am already planning some upgrades for next year with the help of Jessie and Tiffany. I won't give away too much but it involves things I don't own like rhinestones and hot glue guns.

Here are some of the highlights of the past few days:

With Christian, Nana and Papa-T - Iris Saturday.

In the ladder with me behind - Thoth Sunday

Rebirth kicking it around the block from my house on Sunday - how cool is that?

Richmond - getting ready to light the way for Proteus

In the ladder with Betsy B - Orpheus

Tinkerbell and me - Mardi Gras on the neutral ground

Tinkerbell - Mardi Gras day

La Luz - on her way to visit the queen of Carnival


TOITA said...

It is so funny to see that Xian and his Dad share the same "mardi gras mood" hahahaha!
Guys you all look so great..I wish i could have been there!! have to admit that I`d like to experience a Mardi Gras time again (but this time with no hand granades and stuff that the Dude made me drink! just abita`s or Guiness!!)

Mary Cox said...

lucy leeds is a little queen in training!!! especially if uncle david has anything to do with it!!

Christian said...

Did you all see my boy Richmond carrying a freaking FLAMBEAU!!!
If only we videotaped his dance moves. His moves made him like a hundred bucks!

TOITA said...

oh no!!! I can`t believe nobody taped Richmond!!! I would LOVE to see him doing his moves" hahahahaha!

well done, when is your turn dude?!??!

R. Eustis said...

Some things are just too, too pretty to commit to film.

You want to see it? You got to go to the parade...