Sunday, February 17, 2008

It Tastes Good, Really

Once again the weekend flew by. Although it rained off and on today, the weather yesterday was perfect and La Luz and I tried to spend every minute possible outside. We spent the first part of the morning feeding the ducks at Audubon Park with Jessie and her friend Courtney who was in town with baby Cate.

After the park we hit the Farmer's Market (which, incidentally, was inside this weekend). La Luz danced to some Klezmer music and enjoyed an avocado popsicle. I am not kidding. It was delicious.

We bought some delicious greens, broccoli, grapefruit, and strawberries. For the second weekend in a row I bought meat from a man who works on a farm in Mississippi. The guy sells tons of different cuts of meat (some of which, like the one I got this weekend, don't look like the cuts you find in a grocery store) and it is only a few dollars per pound more than at a conventional market. The cows are raised on grass, as they should be considering their internal design. They are also allowed to roam free. The result is delicious meat, yes, it does taste different from the meat you buy in the store, and there are no growth hormones or other potentially harmful antibiotics used that could make La Luz grow hair under her arms at age 8 if reared on a steady diet of such fare. The bonus is a (at least somewhat) more humane life for these cows. I pretty much destroyed tonight's dinner but that was because I just don't really know how to cook. I think I will stick with ground meat and sausage until I learn a few more skills.

Aunt Kate, Katie and Mary Cox have been in town all weekend visiting with Pop. We all had dinner together last night and La Luz got to spend some quality time with her namesake. She somehow managed to lure her into her favorite hiding spot at Mom-Mom's and then got her to sit still for a few minutes of quality time with the baby doll.


Kitty Brown said...

Very fun -- I'm glad you guys all got to hang out this weekend. And now, we'll see you THIS weekend -- I'm telling you, the Browns are keeping the interstate hot these days.

TOITA said...

Hey! Nice "runner look" you have..Now I AM getting nervous about the marathon!!! hahaha!
It is so cool to see both Lucy`s on the picture! hahahaha!

I miss MY LUCY so much!!!

take care!


Nola ( said...

I'll need to try some of this MS free-range meat!

And maybe even an avocado ice cream.