Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cherry Dress

It was another hectic day around here. The house is a zoo and I have no energy to clean it, La Luz had an absolute melt-down at the volleyball game this evening and never properly recovered, my Motorola Q died yesterday afternoon and, although I got a replacement Blackberry today, tech support at work can't seem to sync it with the work server, and the baby feels like he is literally climbing up my rib cage and into my lungs. As you can imagine, I am ready for the weekend, but I can't resist a quick post to include a picture of the bug in her newest Aunt Julie creation. For obvious reasons, she never wants to take it off:


Kitty Brown said...

What a great dress! I see why she loves it. Hope you get sync'd soon . . . that's annoying.

Sara said...

I gave you an award today. Come by and check it out and give it out yourself if you want! Love reading your blog!